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Location for film and television

Are you looking for an unusual location for a photo shoot, music video, interview… in short, for your shoot on the water? Our boats and ships , built in the 1930s and lovingly restored since then, are the perfect setting and can accommodate 2-30 people.

On the Spree and Landwehr Canal, the saloon ship DORA MAAR or the barge HANSA take you through downtown Berlin , where the Oberbaumbrücke, the television tower and the government quarter serve as a backdrop. For shots in nature and the flair of the Berlin area, we can alternatively sail with you in the direction of Köpenick on the nearby lakes.

We are happy to respond to your specific wishes and help you to realize your creative ideas.

Stadtboote Berlin
Treibgut Gmbh
Gustav-Holzmann-Straße 10
10317 Berlin

030 557 796 929